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Cellular Boosters

The Uniden® Cellular Booster is the heart and soul of your system. There are two main things to consider when selecting a booster. The first factor is the booster strength and the second is the networks (3G or 4G) that you want to boost.


There are two factors to consider when deciding on your booster strength, the first is the size of the space you want coverage, and the second is the strength of your outdoor signal.

Coverage Area

The larger the coverage area you need, you will need a more powerful booster. Pretty straight forward.

Outdoor Signal Strength (Input Signal)

If you have only 1 or 2 bars of usable signal outside your building where you are mounting your outdoor antenna, you will need a more powerful booster to cover the same amount of area than say, a less powerful booster with 4 or 5 bars outside.


There are 2 types of Uniden® Cellular boosters. You can get a booster for the 3G network or for the 4G network.

3G Networks

The 3G boosters will boost signal on all cellular carrier 3G networks in the United States and Canada. These boosters will boost your voice phone calls as well as your data, to 3G speeds.


The outdoor antenna captures the cellular signal from the outside of your building or vehicle and sends it into the cellular booster.


The Uniden® Cellular booster amplifies your signal and sends it to your indoor antenna.


The indoor antenna distributes your new strong signal to your troubled area, so you can enjoy crystal clear phone calls and lightening fast data speed.